Girls Love Shoes started on a hike in Los Angeles. Lead singer/songwriter Nadia Fay and original guitarist/producer Jay Condiotti were contemplating a band name for their electro pop/indie rock project. There was a decision to name the band after a “universal truth”, and what could be more true than the fact that girls love shoes? It stuck. Much like their lyrics and sound, the name stands out for being humorous, quirky and different. 


Working out of their Los Angeles studios, a new style had been brewing from their previously harder rock bands together. The sound was lighter and more synth pop/new eighties, a throwback to the left-of-center, female-fronted 80’s pop acts like ‘Til Tuesday, Berlin, The Go-Go’s, The Bangles, Missing Persons, Cindy Lauper, etc. Despite retro influences, the songs also brought to mind newer female artists like M.I.A., Santigold, Lourde, Metric, Icona Pop and Goldfrapp. Indie songwriter Nadia Fay found herself amid other female artists who were bringing a quirky sensuality that is modern, fresh and rebellious. 


Girls Love Shoes’ debut album “Supamedicine” was well received in the TV/film licensing world, scoring them placements in ads for Toyota, Secret and Skinny Girl, in movies Byzantium, Playing for Keeps and Picture This! and in TV shows CSI: NY, Plain Jane, The City, High Society, etc. With Girls Love Shoes, they had found a sweet spot: writing songs that were odd enough to be indie cool, but pop enough to be commercial. 


The trend continued with their sophomore EP “Stars”, which garnered more placements on TV and film including Vanderpump Rules, Younger, The Secret Circle and ads for Tampax, Lowes Hardware and Bud Light. Their title song “Stars” was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Electronica Artist and Best Pop Artist in a 2011 ad for Buick LaCrosse.  With lyrics like “We are stars, and if we step out of line, that’s what it takes to shine”, it was inspirational indie pop at its best. 

The pair wrote, recorded and licensed music for over a decade but never toured. They released music from their independent label NoizyNinja Records, were married for 7 years but ultimately split in 2014. Currently living separate lives both personally and professionally, they feel proud of what they accomplished together and have always respected each others talent. 


With the direction of executive female producer Nadia Fay and her new indie label Hot Geek Records, Girls Love Shoes is now under new management. Fay will be releasing a brand new GLS EP in October 2019. This will mark the end of the Condiotti/Fay collaboration with four last songs together which are funky, weird and spirited. This release also marks the beginning of Girls Love Shoes venturing into new musical territory...working with Davy Nathan and Carlos Villalobos Jr. two, new, HOT grammy-nominated producers! 


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